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      1. CN
        Rymor Stone Coated Metal Roofing Tile 
        Applied to wall and roof construction projects
        Strong stereo, no noise, matte, lightweight, beautiful appearance, smooth drainage, well received by the market
        Polymer polypropylene roofing and wall products
        Moisture-proof, mildew-proof, polymer material, durable, will not dry, shrink, curl; surface treatment fluorocarbon paint (pvdf) makes the product last longer
         weight 1.2kg
        Aluminum magnesium manganese metal flat tile

        Steep roof – slopes over 60°, and the sharp slabs are good at this.

        Lightweight and durable aluminum-magnesium-manganese panel, snap-on structure, no fixing parts exposed to the air, good wind resistance
        The spark of copper and architecture
        The oldest metal with a long history;
        After a thousand years of hard work, the skills are already in full swing;
        Coincidence with the new design makes the building unique!
        Rymor metal fish tiling
        The surface of the metal fish scale tile has a conical convexity, high-grade and elegant, with a modern sense in the retro, elegant and subtle, delicate and natural, and strong in three-dimensional. Suitable for applications with spherical, conical, fan-shaped and irregularly sloping roofs above 30°
        Heat resistance
        Take care
         Fire prevention
        Metal tiling
        Square, metal panel, stacked up and down, left and right
        Make the roof lines smoother and the stainless steel hooks are fixed to make the tiles stronger
        High-end metal panel
        Ingenious, skilled,
        The master of the roof must be fine, the details stem from the attitude

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